Call on Henry Peddle's years of experience in the construction industry to determine which quality commercial and/or construction grade product solution from our representative vendors listed below best meets your need and budget. We carry a wide range of products for CSI Division 10 Specialty classes listed below:

• Compartments and Cubicles
• Louvers and Vents
• Grilles and Screens
• Service Walls
• Wall and Corner Guards
• Access Flooring
• Pest Control
• Fireplaces and Stoves
• Manufactured Exterior Specialties
• Flagpoles
• Identification Devices
• Pedestrian Control Devices
• Lockers
• Fire Protection Specialties
• Protective Covers
• Postal Specialties
• Partitions
• Storage Shelving
• Exterior Protection
• Telephone Specialties
• Toilet, Bath, & Laundry Specialties
• Scales
• Wardrobe and Closet Specialties
Ceramic coated colored quartz flooring.
Green Mountain International, LLC - Polyurethane Grouts.
Green Mountain International, LLC
Green Mountain supplies a variety of polyurethane and epoxy products for the construction industry. Some are designed to stop water leaks. Other uses are to repair cracks or joints in concrete structures, such as foundation walls, tunnels, dams, and large diameter pipes.
Railcraft - Powder coated, aluminum, glass, and picket residential and commercial railing systems.
Powder coated, aluminum, glass, and picket residential and commercial railing systems.
Tangarie Alternative Power
Tangarie Alternative Power
TANGARIE ALTERNATIVE POWER, a woman-owned business focused on providing renewable energy solutions for businesses, schools, homes and industries.
WIND-LOCK has been a master distributor to the specialty construction industry for over 25 years.  We supply the world’s best tools and accessories for EIFS, ICF, SIP’s, and traditional construction markets.  In addition, we carry Stealth (GFRG) Access Panels, Benjamin Obdyke water management products, and Dow Building Solutions’ insulation and weatherization materials.  No matter how you build, we’ll get you what you need, when you need it.

Henry Peddle, Inc. was started in Oct 1994 as a construction specialties broker/distributor. Our value lies in the ability to bring the owner or property manager together with the design professional, engineer, manufacturer, and contractor to form a team.

We then work side-by-side with the design or engineering professional to introduce and utilize fully tested technology for remedial construction. The continual research and development of high performance labor saving products is our asset. Our objectives are to: Satisfy the Owner; increase efficiency in job execution and to provide a quality product at a reasonable price with superior service and technical backing.

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